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Dive Fest 2017Phil Lashley March 12, 2017


Whether you can swim, float, dive, or prefer to soak up some sun on the beach, this festival will have something for everyone! Dive Fest Barbados is being held July 5 - 9th and will feature water awareness programs, scuba and freediving demonstrations, beach clean ups, conservation tips, lionfish hunting AND tasting, as well as scuba dives all over the island - including the exhilarating east coast! Don't miss out on your chance to discover what lies beneath our beautiful Barbados seas!

Summer Camp 2021

M Young May 2021

The time for camp is coming soon. For six weeks during the summer holiday (from July 12 to August 20, 2021) teenagers will come face to face with the marine world, and how their actions impact the island on which they live. Find out more about our summer camp, on our facebook  page:

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